Instant Clean Additive 

Clear Choice Instant Clean Additive


Instant Clean Additive is the solution for random drug testing. For THC toxins and recommended only for a Gas Chromatography/Mass Spectrometer (GC-MS) test. If you are to be tested with an instant test kit (EMIT) type of device then we recommend our SPIKE Urine Additive

  • The Solution for Random Situations

  • Destroys Herbal Toxins on Contact

  • Simple to Use – Just Pour into Sample

  • 8mL Micro Vial – Small & Easy to Conceal

  • Formulated for Herbal Toxins

  • Not Recommended for Drug Screens

Directions for use:

  • If possible, urinate 1-2 times before the urine test.
  • Empty entire contents of vial into urine specimen cup then urinate into specimen cup.
  • One Clear Choice Instant Clean Drug Test Additive vial is intended for 2-3 ozs (60-90ml) of urine sample.
  • Do not eat or drink large amounts of fluid the day of the urine test.

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