Whats the fastest way to get THC out of your system?

It’s not an easy job, getting cannabis out of your system and of course the only guaranteed way is to stop consuming and wait. However, for most users, they have no intention of quitting or simply don’t have time enough before their tests. As THC is stored in your fat cells it obviously takes  some time to clear out of your system. There is a big risk involved in simply guessing as to whether any THC will show up on your test or not.

There are several ways to speed up the removal of the THC metabolites that these test look for. These include detox drinks and detox pills as well as other natural methods. Here are a few viable and recommend cheats for getting THC out of your system:

Detox Drinks 

This is one of the most popular choices when it comes to detoxing your body from drugs. These drinks will in essence dilute your urine and so theoretically remove the toxins in the urine that will be tested.

Some detox drinks are more effective than others, hence why its important to purchase one from a reputable brand with a good pass rate. Different bodies respond differently and something to consider here is not just your weight but also the amount you consume, how regularly and the potency of the cannabis.

Clear Choice offer a 17oz Rescue Cleanse Detox Drink (watermelon flavor) and a 32oz Rescue Cleanse (for over 200lbs or heavy/regular users and apple/cranberry flavor)

These drinks take only 1 hour to become effective and will put you in the clear zone for up to 5 hours.You basically drink the entire contents of the bottle as quickly as possible but at a comfortable pace.

Then you wait 15 minutes, refill the same container with cold water and drink that too. Best results are within the first hour after drinking it.

Its important to point out here that you need to avoid all toxins and medications for at least 48–72 hours.

For real heavy users a longer abstinence period could be required

Don’t eat or drink for 4 hours before consuming the Rescue Cleanse drink. We also highly recommend you urinate as frequently as possible to help remove the toxins.

Detox Shot

The Clear Choice One Shot Concentrate is another great option. It is a tiny 1oz shot, super easy to conceal and is quick and easy to knock back. It also puts you in the clear zone for up to 5 hours AND comes with 4 Herbal Pre Cleanse capsules.

If you choose this product we recommend that if you are a regular user you should, avoid toxins for at least 14 days and don’t eat or drink 4 hours prior to drinking the shot. It also takes 60 minutes to become effective.

The One shot should be refrigerated before opening. Shake it and then drink entire Concentrate as quickly as possible.

Immediately after, you take two of the Herbal Detox Capsules with a 16oz glass of water. Wait 15 minutes then take the two remaining Herbal Detox Capsules with another 16oz glass of water. If you weigh more than 200lbs we recommend you drink another 8oz of water.

Detox Pills 

If you are preparing to detox and you are doing it over at least a 14 day period, as recommended above, its also a good idea to combine your abstinence with an all natural herbal cleanse which will help to accelerate the elimination of the toxins. The Herbal Pre Cleanse capsules should be taken twice daily with plenty of water for at least 14 days.

Other natural methods include exercising to burn those fat cells that are holding on the the THC.

While this is not 100% concrete it  can be taken as good advice not to exercise on the day of your test.

If you are not confident that a detox method is the right choice for you, the we would recommend you look into other options such as using synthetic urine or a urine additive.

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